Sunday, August 1, 2010

Summer lovin'

This is not a blog post about sewing. Today I took a day off from sitting inside and went to San Onofre, a California state park north of San Diego, with my husband (Dave), my brother (Jason), and our married friends Heather and Nate. It was a sunny day and the 4 of us (sans Heather) went surfing - I actually caught 4 waves (I only surf about once a year and still get a little freaked out when I see a huge wave coming my way, so this is a big deal for me)!

(Dave prepping the boards)

Today I paddled into this HUGE wave and stood up and was starting to ride it when I looked up and saw my husband yelling (in joy) and with his mouth open in shock that his wife (who he still has to push into waves, like a child) had caught this huge wave. When I saw the look on his face, I misinterpreted his joy for sheer horror, and started screaming. I then dove off my board and gave up, thinking it was too big for me. But, I had the wave! Maybe next time I will believe in myself!

(that's me in the pink)

I have yet to introduce to the blog world the love of my life, my heart, Brooklyn. She is a sweet boxer and, at only a year and a half old, a bundle of energy. Despite dog's not being allowed on the beach, we brought her and tied her up near the car to watch and hang out. Needless to say, after a day of running and digging in the sand, chewing sticks and lying in the hot sun, she is currently lying on her doggie bed, sound asleep, and hasn't moved for the past 3 hours!

(Brooklyn watching the surfers and chewing sticks. She reminds me of an old man smoking a cigar here!)

(Jason chillin' with Brooklyn)

Tonight I am going to sleep grateful for sun, surf, siblings, boxer's, and summer.


  1. Aww - I want to be there too. :)

    Your story about catching the wave makes me laugh. The last time that I went surfing (besides surfing only in my Roxy Bikini and flashing everyone) I was so excited to catch waves that I would start clapping and celebrating and NEVER STAND UP ON THE BOARD. By the time I got over the joy that I had actually caught on to the whole "catching the wave" thing - I was at the shore. NEXT TIME. :)

  2. what a cute puppers! :) hee hee loved this post (sounds exactly how i woulda played it. :P).