Thursday, July 29, 2010

What are little boys made of?

Calling all Mom's of little boys - I know there is a saying of...

"snips and snails, and puppy dog tails, that is what little boys are made of"

....but that doesn't really help me find out exactly what soon-to-be Mommy's are looking for in the form of fabric, material, and themes for the nursery. For some reason, little girl themes are pretty easy to sew for (flowers, pinks and brown/green, paisley, etc.) but when I go to the fabric store, there are so many options for little boys. Trains and cars? Monkey's or farm animals? Sports? Navy, light, or bright blues? Pastel or bright colors?

This is where YOU come in - I would love to hear your feedback on what stands out to your for your little boys. What themes are you drawn to? What color schemes? If you can, please leave a COMMENT on my blog (or on my facebook fan page) with ideas.....

THANK you in advance!!

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  1. Well...I went with a jungle animal theme with a focus on monkeys :o) A friend of mine just found out that she's having a boy and their going with an under the sea theme. I think as long as you have fun fabrics, people will love it! Everyone likes different things...pastels, bright colors, etc. So offer some variety and you should be good to go.

    You could always check out BRU and Target websites to see which beddings are most popular...might give you and idea of what themes people are going with.

  2. Rachel - Boys are so much harder. I tend to like fabrics such as the ones on Potterybarn Kids. I like the stripes and blues with brown. Blue, red or brown stars are another option. I love your stuff. Keep it coming. It makes me sad that you didn't have a business before I had my boys!! Good luck!!

  3. Girls do seem to have a lot more options...I don't go for the baby animals, either. My mom thinks I will not find anything as a result!

    I pick light blue, green, brown, navy, taupe, white. Stripes are always classy looking for boys, as is houndstooth (I think). Seems like most graphic allover prints are ok as long as they are BIG.

    I like pinstripes, ticking, any kind of stripes really. Buttons that are added or an allover print, square prints, wrought iron print (more masculine than damask). Sift through the cottons at fabric.com for some more ideas!