Sunday, October 17, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Josh!

My sweet little nephew just turned one this past week! For his birthday, I made him a "Quiet Book," a craft I had never heard of until my sister-in-law sent me Shelley Wallace's Etsy site, which sells the patterns and kits. You can buy the kit and pattern separately, if you want to find your own materials, but considering all the little pieces of flannel and fabric, I figured it would be more economical (both financially and to save time) to purchase the kit as well, and I think it was the wise choice. The good news is, I now have the pattern permanently on my desktop, so I can make it again without having to purchase the pattern!

I chose the "Forest Friends" pattern and kit, and here is a little peek:

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  1. It is sooo adorable! Josh loves it and I love it too! Every page is like a little work of art :o) Every time I look at it I want to go buy a sewing machine!