Thursday, September 2, 2010

Back Bay Trail

Tucked behind our apartment complex is a "secret" extension of the famous Newport Beach Back Bay Trail. I say "secret" because, honestly, not many people ever go on it. Sometimes Brooklyn and I see one person, sometimes two, but usually no one. And because it's so "secret" I can let Brooklyn off her leash (a huge no-no for Animal Control) and she can run to her hearts content.

(beauty under the freeway)

(our apartment complex from the trail)

On the mornings Brook and I head out on the trail, she knows as soon as I get my sneakers out of the closet. She then looks at me with her head cocked knowing it means one of two things. One, I am going to the gym and she goes back in her crate (booo) or two, we are going on the back bay trail (yay). As I put on my sneakers, I usually ask her "Do you want to go on the back bay trail?" and she runs back and forth between the door and myself in excitement. Bless her heart.

Brooklyn and I head out on the trail about 1-2 mornings per week to let her run her energy out before I head to work. Its honestly my favorite part of the day. The sun is just rising, the dew and fog still linger, the morning traffic hums near-by, and I can just pray and reflect while watching Brooklyn love life to the limits. It was on this trail, 9 months ago, that I made my New Years Resolution to approach life more like my dog does; each day is a new day to play, each person someone to play with and learn from, and happy is the dominant emotion. My dog has taught me so much about the valuable lessons of life.

I finally took my camera out on the trail this morning to capture some of the beauty.

(how can you not LOVE this face?)

(early morning shadows)

(this is a new plant that I noticed today. Pink!)

(her beautiful soul and energy inspire me to get out of bed every morning)

(waiting for Mommy to catch up)
(Yes, this sign is in Newport Beach)

(Just in case you didn't believe me from the picture above)

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