Friday, September 3, 2010

Featured Seller Friday

Finally, it's Friday!! I don't have any plans for the weekend, but I am excited for it nonetheless. This week's featured seller is PiperBlue, whose necklace makes me *green* (get it, like the trees?) with envy! It is definitely going on my Christmas list this year.

Meet Theresa.....

What is your life story?
Art was a part of my life from the beginning. My mother was an art history major, so I'm sure that had something to do with it. I was always making anything and everything. I took any art class that I could possibly take, and used any materials that I could get my paws on. Oil pastels were my favorite by far, then photography. Jewelry and fashion was always fun. I can remember digging through a huge paper bag full of beads that my mother had brought home. I especially remember loving the freshwater pearls and anything made of Mother of Pearl. I also had a small obsession with sequins and intricate beaded purses, but then that was the 80's wasn't it?

Where do you get your inspiration from?
My main inspiration for the shop came when I got Piper, a cute little whippet puppy. I've loved dogs my whole life, and I would probably have hundreds if I could afford them. I originally wanted to start sewing martingale collars, which are a safety collar for sighthounds. I couldn't find any one selling collared leads that weren't made of generic materials. They all seemed to use boring prints, and let me tell you, Miss Piper is not boring. She needed something with some pop and pizazz, so I ventured down the sewing alley. Somehow, along the way of venturing through craft store after craft store, I was pulled into the jewelry world. It started with feathered hair pins, then wine markers, and boom, I was making earrings non stop. Before I knew it, I was constantly making jewelry, all because of a little, skinny dog

How did you find Etsy and when did you decide to open your shop?
About a year prior to this escapade, I had started thinking of doing some sort of business at home through the internet, as my husband and I were pondering the thought of starting a family. I wanted the option to stay at home if I wanted, so I was checking into plan B. I spent about 6 months researching, and then my father suddenly past. Things were put on hold for a while, but I soon needed to get back on the horse with my personal goals. Maybe that's what drove me even more. My dad always wanted me to go to business school, and now I wish I would have. The business's success is kind of bittersweet, as I really think he would have gotten a kick out of my lil' Etsy journey.

How would you describe your style?
My style is hard to label. The jewelry that I design is mainly inspired by nature. I love leaves, birds, branches, anything organic. I've always been a hippy at heart, and I especially love vintage and retro stuff. I remembering cruising the thrift stores in my teenage days, always looking for some old avocado greens, golds, and even some powder pinks and blues. It reminds me of my early times, and I love the music scene from that era. Music, dogs, old stuff with memories, and nature. There's the root of my creativity.

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