Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"We'll make it I swear"

I am so lucky. I fell in love with an incredible guy. Even better, he has an incredible group of friends from college that I have fallen in love with as well. I love California. It suits me, it makes me so happy, and I am so blessed with my life out here. But, the void that having our college friends across the country leaves in our lives can never quite be filled. Every few years, someone else from the group gets married and the whole gang gets back together. This time, Chris got married in the middle-of-nowhere, PA (aka York - sorry to those of you who live there) and we rented a huge house on the Susquehanna River that was rather suspect in its decor and location (we all secretly wondered if we would be murdered in our sleep at night. And no one wanted the comforters to directly touch the skin). But, put Dave's group of friends together, push some patio furniture together, some responsible wives, some new offspring, and you have beer pong, bonding, and laughter.

We shared the *new* joys, the heartache of those whose marriages are hurting, and the longing of those who are waiting for their hearts desire. Well, the girls did. The boys just played beer pong. It was so interesting to see who these wild boys turned out to be. Doctors, ministers, advertising managers, house flippers, construction site managers, and who knows what Bear does in Arizona. I only wish we could be there for more reunions, more often.

Here are some pictures from a weekend that will fill my heart for a long, long time. A special thanks to Casey (the wife of the best man in our wedding. Whose best man speech is for a whole 'nother blog post!), who came up with the idea for the house. MUCH better than separate hotel rooms.

(view from the front of the house)

(Hannah, Casey, Kate)

(that's the Doctor on the right. Be afraid, very afraid)

(the hubby, Gorman - the minister!?, Nate - the infamous best man)

(this about sums up the weekend)

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